Wednesday, August 18, 2010

BIG WAR Comes to little cobalt

All I can say is WOW!! NC must really hate us to want to take over Sov in Cobalt Edge. 

Take a look at the kill board link to the right and see that we are systematically being moved out of our space.  The initial onslaught into VY- was almost held back. The ship numbers were even and we had similar losses.  Apparently this was not OK with the NC leadership.  By the time they had taken the 3rd station system we were seeing combined fleet sizes of greater than 600 against our 120 pilots. Can you say overkill?

Currently we are pushed back to E-BY and fighting their roaming gangs.  Fun fights the last few nights with Test Alliance.  They talk enough smack that I have most of them blocked but they have brought the fun fights and the best part about it is that they don’t bring blobs.  I do have some concerns about their tactics though.  They seem to want to fight but they would rather sit 300 off station and talk smack for an hour before they all die in a fire.  Don’t get me wrong they are doing their job.  NC wants them to waste our time so we can’t make money to reship. Who knows what the coming weeks will tell.



Thursday, April 15, 2010

Meme: What’s in your hanger?

Rixx over at EVOGANDA started a new meme about what ships they have and what they use them for. I want to jump on the bandwagon too. I seem to have assets all over New Eden so I will condense this into those that reside in my two main hubs, Cat and Q-VT. I guess I will start out with the smallest to the largest. So without further ado:

Paper Griffin: it is a griffin hull set up for fleet jamming in home defense gangs that pop up from time to time. Since we are living in null sec we get visitors every once in a while. I have 5 fitted spare hulls. They are good fun, very annoying to reds, and cheap as hell.

Allakhazam: Merlin hull that I bought to start a life of crime (small boat piracy), but never got around to it. Two are fitted for PVP and waiting for me. I have 10 of these little bastards.

Georgeon’s Hookbill: it is a Caldari Navy Hookbill that I bought to try out for PVP but I just couldn’t see myself losing it. It actually turned out to be a great shuttle. So I use it to bob around empire when I clone jump.

Fang: Probably my favorite ship right now. It is a Manticore stealth bomber. Normally we only get to use SB for scout and light grieving. But lately we got to take out a large POS with them. Read the previous post to find out all about it.

BB I: This is a Blackbird hull that is for small gang PVP. They have the same use as the Paper Griffin above. But they have just a bit more staying power. I have 5 spares of this ship as well. They are very cleverly named BB II – VI.

Fotbol en Campo: Drake that I use in Cat for missions when friends want to run level IVs. It is fun and brain dead to use with its passive tank and 7 missile launchers. I have 4 more Drakes all over New Eden but they never seem to get used.

Boomerang: Myrmidon that I was using to AFK level 3 missions (when I ran missions). It is fun, got a tough armor tank and can be run AFK.

Asym: I actually have two Ravens named the same thing because even though they are in different regions, they serve the same purpose. They make me money. I have one in Cat for LV4 missions and one in Q-VT for running anomalies. The one for missions is set up with cruise missiles and the one for torps based solely on the fact that the drone rogue battleship class rats orbit at 10 km.

AWE Geo’s Revenge: This is my POS bashing medium range remote repair Megathron. Oh yeah, did I mention I could fly Gallente too? This is sitting in Geminate waiting for a carrier jump home to sit in my hanger and wait for the next war. Maybe I’ll fit it up for ratting a bit but I think I like my torp raven too much to do that.

Pinched Loaf: this is a ratting Dominix that I just gave to my alt to rat in the Drone Regions. Yes someone might comment on here about how I stole their name but it just fit’s this ship so well.

So there was a look into the contents of my hanger. It has just barely scratched the surface of the ships I want to and can fly at the moment. I think that after I get my wallet back up a bit I will be able to get into more T2 cruisers. Maybe the EWAR T2 frigates. Oh man just so many ships so little time.

Check back later and I will have a post on my midterm goals for skill training.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Never underestimate the Stealth Bomber

As I log on yesterday I find out that V3 is not happy about moving out of Geminate and decided to pay Pandemic Legion to Titan Bridge a fleet on to us and hot drop our POS bashing fleet. Apparently it worked. While I was logged off PL hot dropped in a Hac fleet of ~30 and bubbled up the POS fleet; subsequently killing about 20 battleships and a couple of the support fleet. IRC went back and refit to continue bashing as I logged on. FC stated that anyone who wanted to continue would be doing so at their own risk, as it was a suicide mission. They returned to the POS and commenced the slaughter of the Ammar large tower (by the way it had 13 shield hardeners, tough cookie). About 10 min later the red cyno popped and in comes the HAC fleet again. This time we were aligned and ready to warp out. Only 4 got killed before the flycatcher was popped and everyone got out.

That effectively shut down operations for the night.

Or so we thought.

The call came out for Stealth Bombers. We were going to kill the POS and all of its mods for the love of god. We got our crew formed up and started the attack anew. With 8 stealth bombers it was going to take a long time. After a while we picked up some new recruits and got the numbers up to around 16-18. When the Large Ammar Tower went into armor then the BS pilots that had been sitting on the sidelines came onto the field and we really started to lay into the remaining 18,000,000 hit points. I was actually getting a bit nervous at this point because we had been getting visitors in Stealth Bombers from the owning corporation the entire time that we were on the field. I believed that another hot drop was imminent. As such I kept myself aligned and ready to warp at any second. Not to mention cloak up.

As we got deep into structure the mood started to lighten up and we were making wagers on who would get the final blow. Just a sliver left and it seems that every one of us let loose with a bomb, we not only finished the tower, we also killed the one ship that was parked at the POS and almost all the anchored hardeners inside the shields at one shot. It was Glorious.

See the kill for it here: OMG WTF POS is Dead

In the end all the POS mods that were anchored were just a turkey shoot. I only got on a few of the KM because others were dropping bombs and they were not long for the world.

You can never keep a tenacious alliance down.

Fly scared

Sunday, April 11, 2010

POS Bash

Watching things go boom is what I have been up to for the last few days.... IRC has been invited to move to Geminate to help clean up the squaters and move V3 out. It is sort of mind numbing to sit and shoot at towers and modules all day, but we are moving people out so friends can move in. I don't know what the long term benefit is to my alliance but it is pretty fun to get on all the killmails for POS mods..... :) Check back later.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Out of the Primordial Slime

This is my opening post. I will be chronicling my adventures in a null sec alliance. I am not a new player to Eve I am just new to 0.0 so I figured that I would write it all down so maybe someone else can use it to help them in their transition to 0.0 from karebearness.

I guess I will start out by telling you a little about myself. I was first conceived sometime in 2005 and spent the better part of two years mining. There quickly came a time when I was put into stasis set to training BS level V.

After about a year I was brought out of stasis and entered a great corp. Progenitor Corp was they best thing for me at the time I came out of retirement. Stable, intelligent members, a great learning environment, just the place I needed to be to shake off the rust and get back to work. This time back I decide that I would take up mission running as an occupation. This worked out great, steady income, and my reputation with some pretty heavy hitters was rapidly increasing. Progenitor was the high sec training corp for a null sec alliance, the IRC. IRC is the ticker for Intrepid Crossing.I was plannig to move to nul sec to be in IRC when RL took over again and I was put into stasis once again. This time away I was training Large hybrid turrets level V.

Just recently one of my best friends came out of stasis and started working in New Eden. He was telling me how awesome it was and that I should come back. I, being the one of the greatest friends in the world have come out of stasis to pit myself against all the evil and good that is New Eden. I will be making at the very least a weekly posting so I do not breach any sort of trust that my alliance has placed in me with regards to opperational security. Wish me luck.

Wishing you luck,